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2008On this day in 2008, Category 3 Hurricane Gustav made landfall Near Houma, Louisiana prompting the largest evacuation (1.1 million) in U.S. History. This Hurricane falls 3 years and 3 days after Category 3 Hurricane Katrina literally devastated New Orleans when the levee system catastrophically failed flooding more than 80% of the city. 
1999Twenty-two of major league baseball's 68 permanent umpires were replaced. The problem arose from their union's failed attempt to force an early start to negotiations for a new labor contract. 
1998Mark McGwire, of the St. Louis Cardinals, hit his 56th and 57th homeruns to set a new National League record. He would eventually reach a total of 70 for the season on September 27.  
1998The movie "Titanic" went on sale across North America.  
1998Vietnam released 5,000 prisoners, including political dissidents, on National Day.  
1997In France, the prosecutor's office announced that the driver of the car, in which Britain's Princess Diana was killed, was over the legal alcohol limit.  
1995Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds announced his resignation. He had been convicted of having sex with an underage campaign volunteer.  
1993Louis Freeh was sworn in as the director of the FBI.  
1986Jerry Lewis raised a record $34 million for Muscular Dystrophy during his annual telethon for Jerry’s kids over the Labor Day weekend.  
1986The Soviet Union announced the accident involving the Admiral Nakhimov the night before. 448 people died in the ship collision.  
1985The Titanic was found by Dr. Robert Ballard and Jean Louis Michel in a joint U.S. and French expedition. The wreck site is located 963 miles northeast of New York and 453 miles southeast of the Newfoundland coast.  
1985The wreck of the Titanic was found on the ocean floor at a depth of about 13,000 feet (4,000 metres). 
1983A Soviet jet fighter shot down a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 when it entered Soviet airspace. 269 people were killed.  
1982J.R. Richard returned to major league baseball after a two-year absence following a near-fatal stroke.  
1979The U.S. Pioneer 11 became the first spacecraft to visit Saturn.  
1972America’s Bobby Fischer beat Russia’s Boris Spassky to become world chess champion. The chess match took place in Reykjavik, Iceland.  
1971Danny Murtaugh of the Pittsburgh Pirates gave his lineup card to the umpire with the names of nine black baseball players on it. This was a first for Major League Baseball.  
1970The last episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" aired on NBC-TV. The show premiered was on September 18, 1965.  
1969A group of young army officers led by Muammar al-Qaddafi deposed the king and made Libya a republic. 
1951The ANZUS Treaty, a mutual defense pact, was signed by the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.  
1949"Martin Kane, Private Eye" debuted on NBC-TV.  
1945The U.S. received official word of Japan's formal surrender that ended World War II. In Japan, it was actually September 2nd.  
1942A federal judge in Sacramento, CA, upheld the wartime detention of Japanese-Americans as well as Japanese nationals.  
1939German invasion of Poland. The lethal combination of German blitzkrieg tactics, French inactivity, and Russian perfidy doomed Poland to swift defeat this day in 1939, when Adolf Hitler invaded the country and sparked World War II. 
1930The Young Plan, the second renegotiation of Germany's World War I reparation payments, went into effect. 
1923A great earthquake struck the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area; the death toll from the shock was estimated at 142,800. 
1922The first daily news program on radio was "The Radio Digest," on WBAY radio in New York City, NY.  
1914The last known passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati (Ohio) Zoo. 
1907Lawyer, writer, and diplomat Joaquín Balaguer, born in the Dominican Republic this day in 1907, served as Hector Trujillo's vice president (1957–60) and subsequently as president of the country (1960–62; 1966–78; 1986–96). 
1906Jack Coombs of the American League’s Philadelphia Athletics pitched 24 innings against the Boston Red Sox. (MLB)  
1905Saskatchewan and Alberta became the ninth and tenth provinces of Canada.  
1897The first section of Boston's subway system was opened.  
1894A forest fire in Hinckley, MN, killed more than 400 people.  
1887Emile Berliner filed for a patent for his invention of the lateral-cut, flat-disk gramophone. It is a device that is better known as a record player. Thomas Edison made the idea work.  
1884The Thomas A. Edison Construction Department and the Edison Company for Isolated Lighting merged.  
1878Emma M. Nutt became the first female telephone operator in the U.S. The company was the Telephone Dispatch Company of Boston.  
1870The French army suffered a decisive defeat at the Battle of Sedan in the Franco-German War. 
1864The Charlottetown Conference, the first of a series of meetings that ultimately led to the formation of the Dominion of Canada, convened at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 
1859The Pullman sleeping car was placed into service.  
1838American frontiersman William Clark, who shared with Meriwether Lewis the leadership of the epic Lewis and Clark Expedition, died. 
1810The first plow with interchangeable parts was patented by John J. Wood.  
1807Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was found innocent of treason.  
1799The Bank of Manhattan Company opened in New York City, NY. It was the forerunner of Chase Manhattan.  
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Famous Birthdays
1984 - Joe TrohmanRock Musician
1975 - Scott SpeedmanActor
1973 - J.D. FortuneRock Singer
1971 - Ricardo Antonio ChaviraActor (Desperate Housewives)
1970 - Spigg NiceRap DJ (Lost Boyz)
1966 - Tim HardawayRetired NBA All-Star
1964 - Charlie RobinsonCountry Singer-Songwriter
1963 - Grant Lee PhillipsSinger-Musician (Grant Lee Buffalo)
1961 - Boney JamesJazz Musician
1961 - Dee Dee MyersFormer White House Press Secretary
1957 - Gloria EstefanSinger
1950 - Dr. Phil McGrawTalk Show Host
1948 - Greg ErricoRock Musician
1946 - Barry GibbSinger (Bee Gees)
1944 - Archie BellSinger
1944 - Leanard SlatkinConductor
1943 - Don StroudActor
1939 - Lily TomlinComedian-Actress
1938 - Alan DershowitzAttorney and Law Professor
1935 - Seiji OzawaConductor
1933 - Conway TwittyCountry Singer
1928 - George MaharusActor
1923 - Rocky MarcianoFormer Heavyweight Boxing Champion
1922 - Melvin P. LairdFormer Defense Secretary
1922 - Yvonne DeCarloActress (The Ten Commandments, Munsters)
1922 - Vittorio GassmanItalian Theater and Film Actor and Director
1875 - Edgar Rice BurroughsAmerican Author (Tarzan)

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